What's in a name?

Hello! If you didn’t know already, my name is Sophie.

 I know, I know. Queue the question, ‘So who is Billie?’

 ‘Is Billie named after somebody?’ ‘Who is Billie, though?’ ‘Is Billie your actual name?’

- Nope!

One of the first questions people have asked, has been about the name, Billie. Where did it come from? Why Billie? How did it come about?

The name ‘Billie’ fell in to place after the concept of our store & blog for special treasures came about. Billie, to me, has always been a persona. And I believe she lives inside all of us.

It was the day after my mum and I had decided we were going to make this story happen. Our idea was developed over one of our long-winded phone chats after work one day. We found ourselves searching for something more, something inspiring, creative and fun, in which we could share our love for discovering special things and creators. We didn't want to open just any store. This was going to be something special. A place where others can discover and support small businesses, and all of the gorgeous products that so many people are creating!

The next day, sitting at my desk at my job, my mind was seriously racing like it never had before – I was completely buzzing with excitement and inspiration. I felt that this was my truth, like something I had been manifesting forever was coming to life!

‘What’s in a name?’ All I knew was that this space was home to someone, who wanted to share her passion and authentic-self with the rest of the world. After scanning over my brain for names that felt right, and aligned with what our story was all about, it was ‘Billie’ that suddenly came to me. It felt so right.

I shared it with my mum straight away and she loved! We both agreed it felt perfect for our style, ethos and brand.

So, the special treasures you will find in our shop, are all with love from Billie. She hopes that you will find joy in every product and feel the love in your shopping experience. She hopes to inspire you to make conscious choices for our planet and for ourselves. She hopes you indulge in self-care regularly, because you deserve it. She loves to learn, and to share her knowledge as she goes. She wants you to discover the fun in exploring small brands, and supporting small businesses and their amazing, creative talent. And of course, Billie hopes you find magic in your life every day.

Billie most definitely has many indoor plants in her apartment, all of which are named.

The first events that Billie writes in her monthly calendar are upcoming markets! Hello special treasures!

Billie is probably scrolling her Instagram at work when she shouldn’t be – but her feed is just too full of inspiration and creativity to care.

She is most definitely cheering you on, as you step in to your truth and decide to pursue your wildest dreams!

And Billie is absolutely sharing her journey of discovering special finds & their creators with all of the lovelies here to be inspired. 

More to come soon,


love billie x


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