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About our brands at love billie.

At love billie, we work with many wonderful Australian brands, all of which truly align with our values. Find out more about our brands, here, and be inspired by their stories.
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Glass by Samantha Abbott

Glass by Samantha Abbott

Samantha Abbott is an inspiring creator, running a family-owned business offering an extensive range of individually handcrafted glass earrings. Each piece from Samantha Abbott is beautifully handmade and completely unique. Her work is inspired by the natural beauty of life, and the attention to detail so present, even down to the earthy, wooden packaging.

Along with Samantha Abbott’s breath-taking glass earrings, her 17-year old son also produces a range of stunning, timber clutch purses and handbags, made from Australian, sustainably grown Eucalyptus timber.

All products by Samantha Abbott are environmentally mindful and vegan friendly.



Finding Your Peace

Jacqueline Yeats is the fabulous woman behind ‘Finding Your Peace’. Her beautiful business is a cultivation of her extensive knowledge and passion for leading others to live their best life. After her personal journey to find her inner-peace, Jacqueline began sharing her practical advice as a holistic health and wellness coach, counsellor, yoga teacher, and a mindfulness and meditation mentor.

Jacqueline’s stunning products are beautiful tools to assist you in finding your peace and stillness in the present moment.



Mojo Candle Co.

Mojo Candle Co. encompasses luxurious design with a passion for the planet – what a winning combination! Founders Monty and Jo from Sydney, Australia, work with their team to handcraft every Mojo candle, from hand cut reclaimed wine and beer bottles. Filled with natural soy wax and topped with a sustainable cork stopper, each scent is beautifully unique, earthy and fresh.

Mojo Candle Co. are doing fantastic things for our planet – partnering with local restaurants, bars and pubs, they collect their old wine and beer bottles and transform them into something beautiful.

Along with their wonderful, earth-friendly candles, Mojo also offer many other upcycled treasures. The team at Mojo are also the crew that run Upcycle Studio - where you can find many other upcycled treasures shop here! Their mission to combine luxury and sustainability is evident in everything they do – Mojo Candle Co. is the perfect example that we certainly don’t have to sacrifice style to live an eco-friendly life.



Ivy & Wood

Combining their love for candles and mason jars, Jess and her husband, Brad, created Ivy & Wood - an amazing range of products in the most divine scents.

Jess and Brad began hand pouring their special candles in their small, inner-city apartment, and quickly realised they needed to expand their hobby!

Ivy & Wood candles are hand poured in Brisbane, Australia, using the highest quality ingredients, including a special range made with pure essential oils. Once you have enjoyed your jar of goodness, you’re left with a quality glass mason jar to repurpose. That’s a win, win in our books!

You can also enjoy Ivy & Wood’s beautiful range of reed diffusers in our shop, to spruce up any space with a delightful, refreshing scent.



The Karma Collective

What’s in a name? The Karma Collective is just as it sounds, and we are thrilled to be a part of this beautiful experience; ‘Candles, cards and soaps with a Conscience’.

The Karma Collective are all about encouraging others to do their part in making the world a better place each day. Offering a deliciously-scented range of hand poured candles, handmade soaps and fun greeting cards, The Karma Collective partners with charities to donate a portion of profits to assist charities to improve animal welfare.

Enjoy your products whilst helping animals in need by joining The Karma Collective. We think that’s pretty special!




Made in small batches in their Melbourne studio, BON LUX create meaningful products as a small moment of joy for your day. The folks behind the beautiful range of BON LUX products have combined their experience in design and product development with their love of perfume blending and story-telling.

Using 100% vegan and sustainably sourced ingredients, all BON LUX products come in fully recycle-able packaging, featuring stunning, illustrated packaging. As each product is made in-house and by hand, BON LUX are keeping their carbon footprint very small – just what we (and the planet) like!



Essential Earth

Inspired by her mother who was an accredited Aromatherapist, Emma-Kate’s mission is to ‘work with our Earth’s healing botanical powers and contribute to the uprising of natural products’. Emma-Kate grew up with her mother’s secret box of magic oils in their household, always using special blends for any cuts, pains, and even beauty creams!

Essential Earth are passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of others through the healing powers of Australia's finest therapeutic grade essential oils. Each product has been crafted with a delicate, specific blend to help with many different health ailments.

All products from Essential Earth are 100% natural with zero synthetics, cruelty free and vegan. Emma-Kate’s passion for natural living is truly inspiring, and her products are beautiful, practical tools to support you in feeling your best every day!




Josie Joan’s

Born out of searching endlessly for the perfect hair accessory for their babies, Josie Joan’s produce a delicate range of hair clips and ties using heritage Liberty prints.

Josie Joan’s use of unique Liberty fabric and timeless snap clip makes for a simple accessory that is extremely wearable - and they add an adorable touch to any outfit. Made from specially selected ultra-fine long staple cotton and finished without the use of chemicals or irritating allergens, Josie Joan’s accessories are not limited to the kiddies! Named after their grandmother Josie and their mother Joan, this sister-duo have big dreams, and are rocking their beautiful accessories in their hair as they go!



Miss Frankie

Created by professional manicurist and salon owner Kara Jeffers, Miss Frankie is nail polish that’s passionate about your long-term nail wellbeing. Made in Australia, Miss Frankie’s healthy nail polishes utilise an innovative five-free formula – that means it doesn’t contain the common toxic ingredients found in many varnishes – that also allows penetration by air and water. The result is healthier, happier nails. Plus, they’re safe to use when pregnant or on kids who like their fingers to have a little flourish.

And although Miss Frankie nail polishes are the healthy option – did we mention they’re cruelty free and vegan on top of all the other good stuff? There is no compromise on quality. They apply smoothly to produce flawless, even coverage, and are chip-resistant, long-lasting and fast-drying.

Miss Frankie believes good things do come in little packages, so the team has taken the time to make a product that not only performs well but looks beautiful, too.



Tea4Two Art

The talented Alana is the owner and maker of Tea4Two Art. Based in Adelaide, Alana uses high quality porcelain to hand build bespoke gift and homeware pieces. Drawing inspiration from texture and nature, Alana’s stunning porcelain treasures are moulded, sanded, fired and glazed all with her own hands in her own studio. Her gorgeous pieces are completely unique and original, and can be used every day – from delicate jewellery to trinket trays and planters, Tea4Two Art pieces truly warm the heart with their beauty and add sparkle to your home or daily life!





Jane Fenn is the jewellery designer and creator behind the magical creations of WhiteLightly. Previously, Jane was living the busy-bustling lifestyle of working in the city, as she raised her three children. That all changed when Jane decided to ‘trust and let go’ – and WhiteLightly was born!

 These stunning pieces from WhiteLightly showcase the natural wonders of our earth, combining semi-precious gemstones which are ethically sourced, with the simple beauty of metal.

 All WhiteLightly pieces are handmade by Jane, and are beautifully delicate and unique. Highlighting lesser known gemstones like Fluorite, Pyrite or Calcite, as well as the popular Rose Quartz or Moonstone, all WhiteLightly jewels are truly magical.

 Allow your heart to decide which pieces you’re drawn to, or choose according to the energy you wish to call in. Whether it be loving Rose Quartz or calming Amethyst, these beauties are sure to bring joy to your world.




Bopo Women

Bron of Bopo Women is dedicated to changing the face of 'beauty'. Designed to empower women and encourage body positivity, the range from Bopo Women are a beautiful addition to your daily self-care rituals. 

Bopo Women encourages women to carve out space for yourself every day, and embrace your unique magic. Crafted with intention and full of natural, nourishing, plant-based ingredients, Bopo Women products also provide therapeutic benefits, with the essential oils and in even, crystal infusion!

Bron's personal experience with negative body image led her on her mission to empower women and challenge the beauty industry's ideals - because we don't need 'fixing'. Join the self-love revolution and discover our range of Bopo Women here.



Auburn Designs

Auburn-haired sisters, Lauren and Kathryn, combined their love of craft and fashion with their earring obsession, to create their business ‘Auburn Designs’. The sisters spent years travelling and living oceans apart, putting so much care and thought into selecting beautiful pieces to gift each other. 

They fell in love with the personal element of jewellery and the endless creative possibilities. Inspired by their coastal lifestyle on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, the two sisters are designing and handcrafting gorgeous, one of a kind pieces. 

Every pair of earrings are handmade by Lauren and Kathryn in their home studio - they’re perfected their craft and bring you stunning designs and quality to add sparkle to your world!


Kinder Prints by Ida Ginman

Ida is the 20-something daydreamer behind the beautiful brand, 'Kinder Prints’. Ida currently lives in Sweden and is super passionate about creating art that is kinder for the earth, and the buyer. In the 'Kinder Prints’ range, you will find many lovely artworks, all created by Ida. A few fun facts about the artist, Ida: she loves good coffee, moving her body through yoga, making pretty breakfasts and cozy nights at home!

Inspired by making this Earth a better place through conscious design, sustainable production and living mindfully, 'Kinder Prints' aims to inspire through beautiful colours, illustration and words.

'Kinder Prints' are printed in small batches using high quality, recycled paper. From printing to arrival, the prints are packaged in 100% recyclable and plastic free materials, including biodegradable cellophane bags.

Explore our special range of artwork from Ida here!


Inky Tattoo Salve

Inky Tattoo Salve is a collaboration of love by Melbourne couple Rudie and Brooke Rashid. The pair created 'Inky', a natural, 100% vegan tattoo salve with their combined expertise.

Rudie is a respected Tattoo Artist, working in a busy Melbourne street shop, and Brooke is a qualified beauty therapist and Green Beauty specialist. Between running her beauty blog and partnering in an online artisan shop, Brooke knows all things skin!

Brooke and Rudie also have two young boys and two super cheeky cats. Cute! 

Not only is Inky an amazing, natural alternative for your tattoo after-care, it also serves as a fabulous multipurpose balm!

Discover more about Inky's lovely ingredients and uses.



Established in 2011 as a fun hobby, 'Emeldo' brings you fun, eclectic and bold accessories. Emily works from her studio on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, designing and creating all of her unique designs.

From being featured in many different media outlets, to collaborating with non for profit organisations, Emeldo has become a much loved brand to add that pop burst of colour and fun to outfits!

Emeldo's unique designs are sure to uplift your spirit and add a funky touch to your look - whether that be everyday wear, or for a special occassion. 
We think every day is perfect for Emeldo, though!