Crystal Earrings in Fluorite & Lapis Lazuli with Silver – WhiteLightly

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Fall in love with these stunning, handmade earrings from ‘WhiteLightly’ - where the beauty of natural gemstones create shape and form.

These beauties are completely unique, with an earring post and butterfly back. They are hypoallergenic surgical steel.


About the Gemstones:

Lapis Lazuli - Enlightenment
Historically Lapis Lazuli was very rare and prized like gold by many, including the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Chinese. It forms with ribbons of Pyrite and white Calcite. The powerful and intense blue of Lapis Lazuli helps to rapidly release mental stress leaving our minds open to new ideas and connections.


Fluorite – Creativity & Inspiration
Fluorite is found in many locations around the world and often forms alongside hot mineral springs. Fluorite also has phosphorescence characters and when infused with light can glow for a short time, like glow-worms! The stable crystalline structure of Fluorite helps bring order and coordination to our life.

- WhiteLightly


Dimensions approx. 10mm x 11mm