Crystal Formation Earrings in Quartz & Pyrite – WhiteLightly

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Fall in love with these stunning, handmade earrings from ‘WhiteLightly’ - where the beauty of natural gemstones create shape and form.

These beauties are completely unique, with an earring post and butterfly back. They are hypoallergenic surgical steel.


About the Gemstones:

Pyrite – Positivity & Confidence
Pyrite is a mineral that forms within veins of iron and can be found in wide expanses all around the world, and in Australia alongside our valued Iron Ore deposits. Also known as Fools Gold it has the same specific gravity (or weight per gram) as gold. It is a strong and heavy stone but also brittle, and has a beautiful silver/gold metallic lustre that promotes positive thinking, enhances confidence and aids assertiveness.


Clear Quartz – Harmony & Clarity
Quartz is the third most common mineral in the Earth’s crust. Aboriginal Australians and other Indigenous cultures around the world independently view Quartz as a link between the earth and the spirit world. It is traditionally used as a charm to purify your body and mind, and radiate clarity and light. Crystal clear quartz brings a rare love and empathic energy that no other crystal does, enhancing life and love in the most powerful ways.

- WhiteLightly


Dimensions approx. 10mm x 11mm