Dream Catcher Candles

Dream Catcher Candles - COFFEE TABLE CANDLE - BLACK WAX!

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This thick walled candle bowl is a beautiful centrepiece for any decor. Perfect statement to pop on the coffee table :) ... The JUMBO candle has 6 slow burning wicks so the beautiful candle will burn longer.  Ensure you trim the wicks  before each burn - pinch off all the charcoal, to ensure a perfect burn.

HUGE..... We would recommend this big candle for a big space! Big candle = big flame. Keep away from kiddies and pets. 

External Vessel Dimensions: 188mm D x 95mmH

Vessel Capacity: 1700ml

HANDY TIP: We  have found the coffee table candles are best burnt for approx 2 hours is perfect.

There is approximately a 2 week wait on these candles as they are handmade and then shipped out to Billie HQ. But they are DEFINITELY worth the wait! 

Enjoy the candle x