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Little Bumble - KIDS PRINTS - Individual Beeswax Wraps - XS

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Imagine being able to keep your avocados fresh for up to 2 weeks, cucumbers up to 3 weeks and celery up to 5 weeks!! Our UNIQUE professional blend outperforms and outlasts which maximises the potential savings and benefits households can achieve by switching to this sustainable food storage method. Even if you can save $1 a week just on your avocados alone, you can see that Little Bumble wraps are certainly a wise and worthwhile investment! Our xsmall is perfect for avocados and for under $10 you'll save around $50 a year just on avocados alone, but that's just the beginnings of the potential benefits! Try them for yourself and see first hand why Little Bumble are setting the standard well above and beeyond the rest!

Little Bumble reusable food wraps also make the perfect sustainable gift for loved ones who might be tricky to buy presents for! Nothing says I love you more than a meaningful, premium handmade gift that is locally made and eco-friendly

XSmall 20x20cm.

Used for: Avocado, small bowls, cut apples or pears, muesli bars, biscuits, capsicum, mango, pomegranate etc.

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